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Scientific Talks

-Presenting at the Current Topics on the Analysis of Oligonucleotides workshop: PCR and ELISA: like assays for bioanalytics. EuroTIDES (Oligonucleotides and Peptides) Meeting, November 16-19th 2010, Barcelona, Spain.

-Chairing and Presenting at a workshop on Bioanalytical Methods for the Determination of Therapeutic Oligonucleotides: Specific Determination of Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Using a Dual Ligation Hybridization Assay and Advances with qPCR on Dried Blood Spots. TIDES (Oligonucleotides and Peptides) Meeting, April 24-28th 2010, Boston, MA. Posters / Meetings

-Annual meeting AAPS 2011 Poster: Challenges in preclinical bioanalytical method development of the deoxypyridinoline (DPD) bone resorption biomarker in rat urine, October 2011, Washington DC.

-Annual meeting DIA 2010 Poster: Specific Determination of Oligonucleotide Therapeutics by Dual Ligation Hybridization Assay, June 2010, Washington, DC.

-Annual meeting AAPS 2009 Poster: A Parent-Specific Hybridization Assay for Quantifying Therapeutic Oligonucleotides and siRNA in Biological Samples, November 2009, Los Angeles, CA.

-Annual meeting AAPS 2008 Poster: A Simplified Tissue Extraction Method and Plasma Bioanalysis of a Liposome-Encapsulated Immunostimulatory Oligonucleotide, mODN 6303: Qualification and Pharmacokinetic Profiles in Sprague Dawley Rats, November 2008, Atlanta, GA.

-Attendance: Annual meeting of the American Society of Virology (ASV), June 2006, Penn State University, PA.


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